Jinotega Christian Academy

Developing the Future Christian Leaders of Nicaragua

Academic Excellence

Focus on Rigorous Academics

At Jinotega Christian Academy, our focus in on providing high quality Christian education. With reduced class sizes, an emphasis on practical learning, and highly qualified teachers, we know that the our students will be prepared for the real world. 

Bilingual Training

An Emphasis on English 

Jinotega Christian Academy boasts connections with several institutions that send teams annually to help our students receive in-person practice in English. Through our international partners, students will be pushed to use their English through one-on-one conversations, online English courses, and international volunteers.

PRoverbs 22:6

Christian Education

With our team of loving teachers, we strive to teach our students the Christian values that they will need to navigate the world, with a hope that one day, every one of our students can come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. Students receive Bible class daily, and for our older students, we offer a discipleship program to help them make the correct decisions in life.

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